Gaslight Bistro: A Bit Disappointing.

The Husband and I were able to get in at Gaslight, the new Bistro in the South End, for dinner tonight. And while not all of the dining experience was a "thumbs down," it was certainly obvious that this was a new place. It had a few kinks...

First, as a person who has spent more than her fair share of time waiting tables, I know when a person has too many tables in their "station." Our server appeared to have about six. That's WAY too many for a waiter at Applebees... Let alone a nice little bistro.

Second, the sound in the place was AWFUL. The music was fine. And I loved the chatter of all the other guests... But... There are tiles everywhere. And the acoustics were murderous at times... Especially when some other diner had the audacity to bring their toddler who (though they were across the restaurant a good ways from us) proceeded to scream and shriek in high pitched octaves throughout the 8pm dinner.

Third, I have to question the "freshness" of some of the food. I ordered the beet salad as a starter. The beets tasted "tinny" and old. As though they had maybe been prepped and roasted the day before... Which, quite frankly, is unacceptable.

Also, with regards to the freshness of the food... A colleague of mine went the night before we did and noticed bread was very stale. It was obvious that they had simply re-heated the bread, but it tasted like it was a day old. The Husband and I never got any bread. Everyone else around us did. But for some reason we were over looked. And since I couldn't bear the taste of my beets, I would have actually eaten the bread.

The entrees were excellent. I have to give them a "thumbs up" on that. We both enjoyed what we got... Steak frites for him and Pasta with short ribs for me.

Dessert and coffee though, that was another conundrum... We ordered the almond cake to split,and I ordered a cappuccino. I've made an almond cake before... I know what it's supposed to taste like. And again, we had a "staleness" issue. The Husband took his first bite at the same time I did. We stared at each other.

"I have to take another bit," said The Husband. And keep in mind, this is a man who will eat anything and have no problems with it.

We both agreed: STALE. Again, it was as if it had been made the day before and simply reheated.

Then my cappuccino... It was really more a latte. Some people just don't understand the difference between the two. Let me clear up the confusion for you:

Cappuccino: A third espresso, a third steamed milk, a third milk foam.

Latte: A third espresso, two thirds steamed milk. NO FOAM.

What I had was CLEARLY a latte. And CLEARLY not what I had ordered.

Now, given that The Husband loved his entire dinner (minus the cake) and the rest of the menu is promising... I am just going to call this one a "wash" since it was opening weekend for the joint. Plus, my dinner and drink were both quite good. I am just going to figure that I "ordered" bad things and should try something else next time.

Plus, all of the staff were very friendly. You could tell they were trying very hard. I am hopeful that my next visit in a few weeks won't be disappointing.

And if you can, avoid the beet salad. (Yuck!)


I went about a month and a half ago with my sister, and we, being total francophiles and bistro junkies, enjoyed ourselves greatly. I agree that the acoustics were absolutely terrible -- the worst part. Thankfully, we didn't have a screaming toddler to deal with!

She had a salad with goat cheese and a wonderful, lemony dressing (awesome), moules frites (really good), and I had the escargots (pretty good but not fantastic) and the steak frites (GREAT!). The prices are unbelievable, too.

Best of all, I work for a well-known affluent lifestyle company, and this was mentioned when I made my reservation, and the manager came over and offered us complimentary coffee and dessert. We both got cafe au lait and crepes with Grand Marnier -- delicious all around.

Haven't been back since, but I'm looking forward to it, if I can stop going to Union so often to keep flirting with the hott waiter!!

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