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The Secret To Yoga Class Timing? The Wine-Drinking, Red Meat-Eating, Red Lipstick-Wearing Yoga Teacher.

There are actually a lot of us out there.  The ones who don't give a shit about the spiritual side of yoga as it is typically portrayed... Who eat meat... Drink a few nights a week... And who wear skulls on their tank tops and smear crimson on their lips to teach a class. Most days, all I wear is this lipstick. Even while working. I follow my instincts in style. And with teaching class. And with eating... I prioritize protein and fiber these days. If I get at least 100 grams of protein in me, and 30 grams of fiber... I eat whatever I want the rest of the day. Though, after a week of chaotic travel and long work days... I have decided I need to also prioritize water intake into things. At least 70 ounces. And I try to get all of this in me by 1pm each day. Which leaves me free to drink the wine at supper. And eat red meat. But back to teaching yoga...  My ego has been tremendously fed lately with teaching. Classes are usually a good size. And I get compliments every class. (Not abou

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