Hmm... Bone Marrow-y Goodness.

I totally bagged on going to Bikram yoga last night. I had to... I couldn't get out of work in time for class.

So at 5:15pm, when I was still sitting at my desk digging through data, a co-worker reminded me that a few people were going to No. 9 Park for cocktails.

"You in?" she asked.

"Sure!" I said. "Why not? But I can't stay long."

If you've never been to No. 9 Park, there's one thing you need to know before you go... The food is fantastic. And it is hard to go there for "just a drink." The cocktails and wine list are excellent... But the food is just phenomenal. And on they have a $45 prix-fixed bar menu... And it's incredibly well-put together.

I started with something I had never tried before... Bone marrow. Now, when I ordered it, I figured it would just be one bone and some toast. But nope... That's not what I got.

I know it's a really blurry picture... But they served me THREE huge bones. I could only get through one of them. Bone marrow is super rich-tasting. Delicious, but rich. I don't think I'll ever order it again.... Because what you're eating looks like a meat jelly, and you have to dig it out of the center of the bone with a spoon... The scraping of the spoon against the bone's inside was creepy. (Sorry all you vegetarians! My apologies!)

After the marrow, I had some pasta bolgenese... Which is always a classic. Then for dessert I got a chocolate croquant, which was served with star anise ice cream.

Very yummy.

However, I am super tired today. I was out till after 11pm, and I had to get up at 5am to meet my trainer at 6am today. But No. 9 Park is always a lovely treat. And so worth it.


Vanessa said…
I love to try new food, but that may be where I would need to draw the line. Sounds like a great night, hopefully works eases up on you soon!
Anonymous said…
you ATE bone marrow? i didn't even know that was a food group...
Me said…

I knew, Bex, you of all people might object the most to me eating it... You being a veggie and all.

Yep.. It's part of the meat group... Bone marrow is actually POWER-PACKED with protein. You're eating the red blood cells of the cow.

I will, to reiterate again, not be trying it again. It was tasty... But so rich. And I just wanted to try it. You pull the marrow out of the bone and spread it on toast.
Anonymous said…
ummm...ew. sorry, but...ew.

we can still be friends, but only because you REINTERATED that you won't be eating this again :)


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