Healthy Dish For The Weak: Best Kale Smoothie Recipe.

I was recently inspired by the TED video to start eating more kale.

But while I love the taste of kale (no lie - I do), it is high maintenance to eat as much as really should. So the best way to get it in is through a morning smoothie.

"Green Smoothies" are a total "thing" lately. That's because people have finally caught on (me included) that they don't taste like they look. I prefer kale in mine over spinach simply because I think kale has more nutritional value.

Here is mine from this morning...

Looks total "sketch," right?

But it's total "yum." Oh! And VEGAN!

2 handfuls of chopped kale
1 banana
5 little cubes of frozen pineapple
4 frozen strawberries
8 ounces coconut water (I prefer Zico)

You just blend till smooth and chug!


Anonymous said...

What blender do you use??

Heather Molina said...

Certainly not an expensive one... I bought one for $35 at Bed Bath and Beyond. It gets the job done.

Lisa @ Just here just now. said...

Oh that looks good! I've been wanting additional kale recipes, as I've been juicing more lately. Always nice to mix it with the pineapple - delish!