Guilty Pleasures... And Other Things People Don't Know About Me.

We all have them. We usually don't discuss them. Well, most of them.

There are the guilty pleasures and things I totally talk about with other people. Such as:

  • I cherish anything Hello Kitty!
  • My un-dying and everlasting devotion to watching the Gilmore Girls.
  • How much I dig pirates.
  • That I contain more knowledge on the important subject of Harry Potter than most other 28-year olds.

And then there are the guilty pleasures and things only my husband knows about:
That I have three Ashlee Simpson songs on my iPod. (Come on... They're catchy tunes!)

  • That I have two Hillary Duff songs on my iPod.
  • That I love Peanutbutter and pickles on toast. (Yummy!)
  • That I take a bubblebath with candles every day. (I'm serious.)
  • That if I could spend an entire Saturday watching re-runs of Laguna Beach, I would consider it to be one of the best Saturdays ever.

And further still, are the guilty pleasures and things I keep completely to myself. But here are a few that I will confess to (for now):

  • That whenever I get a new Harry Potter book, I skip to the last 10 pages and read that first.
  • That I like to sprinkle toasted coconut into a container of dark chocolate frosting and eat by the spoonful for dessert. (I only eat five spoonfuls at the most.)

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