Omelet guy is getting GRILLZ...

Nearly everyday when I come into work, I head down to the building's cafeteria to get an omelet. The guy who makes the omelets is truly one of the most entertaining chaps whose presence I have ever had the pleasure of being in.

This because the things he says are just straight up hilarious and sincere. Typically the things he says have to do with his weekend or his dis-taste for the use of condiments... ("When people put ketchup on shit... I'm like ugh!!! That's nasty!") He usually says these things with wild animation in both his voice and body language. It's a fantastic way to start the day. And if there was any other guy in charge of omelets, I probably wouldn't go as often.

So today, I go down there and order my usual (omelet with a little bacon, a little cheese and mushrooms... which usually ends up being an omelet with an ass-load of bacon, an ass-load of cheese and an ass-load of mushrooms) and he gets to work on it right away. While he's making my omelet, he starts talking to the guy in charge of french toast about getting a grill.

Omelet Guy: "I'm gonna get my a grill this weekend."

French Toast Guy: "Oh yeah?"

Omelet Guy: "Yeah. I'm gonna go to downtown crossing. You can get them for six-fifty."

French Toast Guy: "Alright. You want two or three pieces?" (Someone comes up and orders french toast.)

I was about to ask the omelet guy where in downtown crossing you get buy a grill (because my husband's b-day is coming up and he would probably like to barbecue this summer) but I decided to hold off.

Omelet Guy: "Yeah... I can get it for only $650. That's pretty good. I can't wear 'em to work though." He was using his omelet spatula to gesture towards his mouth when we was talking. Then I realized he wasn't talking about a BBQ grill. He was talking about GRILLZ.

Aren't these things really just braces with a lot of jewelry on them? And don't you need to get them custom-made to fit your teeth? And wouldn't that probably be more expensive than $650?

I have so many questions to ask the omelet guy... But Now breakfast time is over. And I never see him during the lunch shift. :(

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