Bikram Yoga Teacher Training: A Horny Good Time?

While at teacher training, I often feared catching some kind of disease from my fellow trainees. However, my idea of possible diseases I could catch included:
  • Pink eye: From people rubbing their fingers on the practice room carpet after touching their infected eyes, and then me coming in contact with it and wiping the sweat from my eyes.
  • Fungus: Same as above. People had various fungi on their hands and feet. I thought for sure I would catch it in the petri dish of a carpet in the room.
  • Colds, Sore Throats: You're always in confined spaces, between the practice tent, lecture tent and posture clinic rooms.
But never in my wildest imagination would I have ever feared catching an STD of some kind. Though, before I start a rumor, let me clarify that this is not what that is about... But when I hear a rumor like this, I have to wonder if any STDs did get passed around at teacher training.

This is an article featured in the February issue of Details magazine. And according to it... Teacher training was a hotbed of hook-ups.

Seriously? I mean, I expected there were hook-ups "here and there." But who had the time? Who had the energy? I mean... There were two practices a day. And double-posture clinics. And 43 pages of dialogue to memorize. And late-night lectures. And 4-hour Hrithik Roshan movies. And only five hours of sleep most nights.

People had time to hook-up during all of that? Seriously?

I must pick up this issue.