Short List Of Reasons To Live: January 16, 2010.

Oops! I completely forgot to post this segment last week! Shows you how busy I have been... Though, no excuse!

Well, this weekend was mostly relaxing, and I remembered to do this segment. So here are this week's Short List of Reasons to Live:
  • My back muscles are starting to tighten up. Makes me look forward to the gym.
  • Big Love starts back up tonight. That is one thing I am going to look forward to every week.
  • My FIVE YEAR Blog Anniversary is the week after next. So this week, I am going to be buying myself a lovely anniversary gift. (But I won't tell you what it is yet!)
  • I go to NYC this week for a business trip... And though it is a quick trip, I am excited. (Plus, I hope procure my anniversary gift there.)
  • Only four weeks till I go away on vacation with The Husband. Four. Weeks.

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