"Make It Your B*tch!"

Teaching has been fun. It's been a learning experience... But a fun one. I still have things to work on... Like making sure the class ends on time. But overall, my classes are high energy. They are killer. A good experience.

I'm not being conceited. I truly believe this. I can see it in my students' faces. They are pushing hard. I'm encouraging them to push hard. And I am doing it with a big smile on my face.

This makes a good class. Having big energy.

Today, I taught the noon and the 2pm classes. Both classes were high energy. Especially the noon one. I get really into the dialogue, and I am big on explaining the benefits of the postures as students are moving through them. And today, I got so energetic in Triangle posture that I found myself pushing the students hard in the set-up.

"Sit all the way down into your hip flexor! Bounce like a motorcycle ride! All the way down! Into the hip flexors! Get down lower! Make it your bitch!"

Oh yes. I said that. I told the students to make their hip flexors their "bitch."

Normally, I do not swear in class. Lots of teachers do, though. Bikram himself does as well. And believe it or not, when used in the right place, it can be very motivating.

I do not know why I got so carried away... But I really wanted the students to understand to get lower, not be afraid, and get down. Thus, "make it your bitch!"

Apologies to my students for swearing. You all did beautifully! And I appreciated that you laughed when I said this, rather than "tsk-ing" me.