It Has Been "Work..."

Happy Blog-iversary to me!!!

Well, technically, the FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of On Common Ground is next Tuesday, the 25th.

Did you absorb that, people? FIVE YEARS! I have been doing this thing for FIVE YEARS. With the exceptions of being married and Bikram yoga, I've never done ANYTHING for five years straight.

So, as recognition for my "work" on this blog, I rewarded myself with a little gift. I am in NYC for business today, and I stopped off during my lunch break at Barney's to pick something up. What I wanted wasn't there. So I went to Bergdorf Goodman and found it.

The Balenciaga Giant Work bag.

No... It's not the color I wanted. I wanted a bright color, not white. But NO ONE has them. It was tough enough to find it with the giant stud hardware. But, when I thought about it, I realized, "I don't have any black bags!"

Seriously. I don't. Purple... Green... Black cherry... Steel grey... Chocolate brown... Vermilion... But no black.

This is how great this bag is: I can fit everything I brought with me in my carry-on (which, grated, isn't much) into the bag. EVERYTHING!

This is my new travel bag.