"What Happens When You Die?"

Oh dear... Please don't think for a second that this is a "morbid" post of some kind. It is not.

I work in digital marketing. And part of the reason I am good at my job is because I have a natural curiosity that makes me ask many questions and press many buttons. I started off this evening researching one thing... Which segued into another thing... Which led to something else... Which eventually ended with me Googling "What Happens When You Die?"

I wanted to see what people out there on the Internet had to say about this topic. Because I was quite certain I was only a few clicks away from pure awesome craziness.

And hell if I wasn't dead on with my assessment!

Within two clicks, I came across this page...

Click on this link to see it for yourself. It's not spam. It's pure seizure-inducing awesomeness.

My favorite part are the angels with the light sabers... And the song.

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