Antisocial Or Avoiding Vampires?

All throughout my life.... People have told me I seem a bit "antisocial." And I get it. Totally, I do.
I am the person who often prefers to stay home then go out with everyone else. I will work long hours rather than take off to go do something fun and relaxing. I never answer my phone unless I know who is calling. (I prefer email to the phone.) And I never answer my front door on the first ring or knock, unless I am expecting someone to stop by.

But I have never seen myself as "antisocial." I do like the company of others. And I am one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I am friendly and genuine.

So what's my deal, then? Why does it seem like I prefer my own company to that of others?

Put simply... Being around other people takes a lot of energy for me. I am the type of person who is like a sponge. Whatever energy others are working in, I feel it. And even if it is happy energy, it drains me after a little while. And I need time to myself to get away and decompress.

In extremity, there are some people I have encountered in my life whom I simply have to limit my time with. Their energy is just TOO draining on me. I call them "energy vampires." I haven't learned how to interact with them while blocking the draining feeling. I haven't figured out how to set-up boundaries with them. So I just avoid them.

I'm no Bella Swan. I can't shield vampires from reading my thoughts or using their powers on me whilst still enjoying their company.

So, I'm not "antisocial" because I don't like people. (I very much like people!) I am just too "sensitive" and easily overwhelmed.