How Old Is Too Old To Go To Law School?

I have absolutely no interest in going to law school. But last week someone told me I was "too old" to go to law school. Those were their exact words... "You can't go to law school. You're too old."

Now, maybe I should give you some context around how this comment came about... So that you don't think someone just came up to me out of the blue and said I was too old to do something.

Another person, whom I had just met, told me I had the personality to make a good lawyer.

"Ever think about going to law school?" they asked me.

"Hell-to-the-no," I said. "I love sticking up for the under dog when deserved. And I know how to make a great argument for anything. But law school? Books? Classes? That ain't for me."

They then told me I should rethink pursuing journalism, my first love. I said I would think about it, but made no promises.

When I was relaying this conversation to someone else a few hours later, I got to the part where my new acquaintance had mentioned that I would make a good lawyer.

"You're too old to go to law school now," they said.

I didn't have a comment back for them. I just walked away.

Too old?

I'm 34. What about my age makes me incapable of going to school and learning something new? Answer: NOTHING!

I will freely admit that what DOES make me incapable of going to law school and learning something new is my LACK OF FUCKING DESIRE to do it. But my age?

Wish I had had a better comeback at that moment than my silence. I just wasn't expecting that reaction to the story.