Bohemian Punk.

In my mind, I like to think I am a super sophisticated woman... Just like the Duchess of Cambridge.

My hair is shiny and straight. I always wear heels. I look amazing and polished in everything I wear. And my clothes are cut sleekly but comfortably. My nails are well-kept, with long willowy fingers. I am always on top of everything I do and completely confident.

However, the fantasy is always much different than reality.

As much as I would love to be super-sophisticated with my style... I am actually quite a "gypsy soul" with my style.

I am always wandering from one project or thought to the next. My hair is long and naturally wavy, because I can't be bothered to spend an hour to straighten it like I did in my early 20s. My nails are a wreck because of the tying and yoga-ing I do. I wear jeans most days with bohemian tops. And I always wear flats.

When I go out shopping, I have a knack for flocking directly to anything eyelet, whimsical or punk-ish. And here is what I am currently eyeing...

Gladiator-style Choos!

I certainly won't be buying this. It's a McQueen bag, perfect for toting around all the crap I tote around each day. But I still love it and had to share.

A lovely long white tunic (I actually do have this!) from Anthropologie. Paired with a belt, this is perfect for summer.

I have about a half dozen blouses in my closet that have this same exact essence. Flowy... Soft... And either black or white.

I have this blouse too, only in noir.

I guess I do have a "uniform." And it's totally the opposite of what my imagination would like to be. Time to openly embrace it, I guess!

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