A Lesson In Taking Meds...

I learned a little lesson today...

If the directions on the prescription say "Medication Must Be Taken With Food," you really should obey the recommendation.

I was took my skin pill at about 7am today. But I didn't eat anything till after 9:30am... And only because I was really feeling sick. I figured some gluten-free toast and peanut butter would make me feel all better.

It did not. It only agitated the sitution. And I got just a "smidge" sick in the ladies room shortly after. I was so afraid someone would hear me hacking and think I have an ana/bulie problem.

Now I am sitting at my desk, recovering with some lemongrass and ginger tea. I will need to go get something to eat again soon though. Something without dairy. I think that would only hurt my belly more.

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