I Think I Know What I Want For Christmas.

I think I want a Kindle.

I love books. I have a ton of them. But they take up valuable shelf space in my office. Shelf space that, to be honest, would be better used for my growing shoe collection.


Anyhoo... I have wanted a Kindle for about a year now. Everyone I know who has one loves it. But I held off on buying one because of the move to Canada. The Kindle and its service wasn't available up here yet. So why buy a piece of technology that wasn't necessarily usable up here?

Well, that's changed now. And there is a global version of the Kindle available now. The only thing that isn't available on it up here in Canada is the experimental web browsing and blog reading.

So given that... I need to know from you current Kindle users... "How much do you use those two features?"

Your help in narrowing down a Christmas gift for The Husband to get me is greatly appreciated.