I Think I Know What I Want For Christmas.

I think I want a Kindle.

I love books. I have a ton of them. But they take up valuable shelf space in my office. Shelf space that, to be honest, would be better used for my growing shoe collection.


Anyhoo... I have wanted a Kindle for about a year now. Everyone I know who has one loves it. But I held off on buying one because of the move to Canada. The Kindle and its service wasn't available up here yet. So why buy a piece of technology that wasn't necessarily usable up here?

Well, that's changed now. And there is a global version of the Kindle available now. The only thing that isn't available on it up here in Canada is the experimental web browsing and blog reading.

So given that... I need to know from you current Kindle users... "How much do you use those two features?"

Your help in narrowing down a Christmas gift for The Husband to get me is greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

don't buy a kindle. I have one and am disappointed. Get a library card instead. Conceptually I like the idea (and still do), but in reality it is very different from reading a book.

Yummy Mummy said...

I have never used them. Never. The kindle is like an ipod once you get it you won't kniw hiw you ever lived without it!

YogaSkier said...

I've been researching them too. Although I haven't ever had one, everything that I've read has pointed to a much improved version "K3" coming out soon.

The Missus said...

The K3 is actually this global one. http://www.fastcompany.com/blog/kit-eaton/technomix/amazon-kindle-3-rumors-surface-bigger-better-course

bikramarian said...

I think the Kindle is awesome. The point of it is speed and convenience (i.e., the opposite of using your library card!) and killing less trees. It was especially great when I finished my Twilight book and was desperate to go to the next one in the series when no stores were open - 1 minute later I had my book.

I haven't used it for looking at blogs or other uses yet. I also have the 1st version of Kindle and I know a lot of improvements have been made to the newer ones.

Connie McCallum said...

I have the kindle app for the iphone.
I use it all the time. That way you don't have to carry another device with you cause you always have your phone!

Kara said...

I never leave home without my Kindle, it's nothing short of amazing. The only drawback I've found is that sometimes it's hard getting reading done because so many people are asking me about it!

To address your question, I personally never use those features. Like you, I'm an iPhone owner so if I want to read a blog or surf the web, I use that instead.

Bayjb said...

As much as I like the Kindle, I still love an old school book in my hands. I am curious to try it though