We're Gonna Call it "Twenty-Ten."

The debate has already started... "Do we call it 'two-thousand-ten' or do we call it 'twenty-ten'?"

My vote is for "twenty-ten." It sounds more significant this way. And this will be the year we start some significant things. Here is my list of significant things I have to look forward to in the new year...

Sex and the City Movie 2. This one, I feel, doesn't really need an explanation. The title is representative-enough of what kind of serious shit this is.
Turning 33 and beginning a new nine-year cycle. I love numerology. Call my a gypsy-mystic-loser... I don't care. But I begin a "Year One" on April 12th, Twenty-Ten. Time for some new paths to begin.
Finishing the Bikram 101. I will do this. Taking it one-day-at-a-time. The only expectation I have of myself with this challenge is that I show up every day. I will have great days and shitty days. But I will show up each day.
Final Season of LOST. I can't believe this will be the final season. It hasn't even begun yet, and already I am bittersweet about it.
Redecorating my office. Yep. Gonna repaint it sometime this Summer. And gonna have the carpet ripped out and replaced with hardwood.
South Africa. I want to go there. I want to drink wine there.

What are you looking forward to this year??