Jordin Sparks... Obese?

Not sure if anyone caught this clip from Fox News last week... But I think the topic is a bit insane.

A representative from the National Action Against Obesity (NAOO) went on Neil Cavuto's show on Fox News Channel to say that Jordin Sparks should not be the next American Idol because (and I quote the crazy lady) "when I look at her, I see heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol... The truth is that if she wants to make it in this business, she is going to have to drop a lot of weight."

Apparently the lady says making Jordin Sparks the next American Idol would be like "endorsing" obesity.

First of all, Crazy Lady, Jordin isn't obese. She is full-figured. According to guesses online, Jordin probably weighs about 200 pounds... But you know what??? She's 6 feet tall! So maybe she could drop about 20 pounds to be in the "healthy" range for her height. But being 20 pounds over a healthy weight does not make one obese. And one can be perfectly healthy and still 20 pounds over weight.

Check out the clip for yourself.

Crazy lady needs to be "bi-atch" slapped.