Space Cake: Had A Nibble.

After a canal ride and a tapas dinner, I dragged Frogger into a coffee shop last night.

Coffee shops in Amsterdam on pretty much two to a block. You can find them in Central Amsterdam everywhere. The one we went to last night was called, "Free World Coffee Shop." (In order to get in, you have to be 19 years of age, even if you have no interest to buy weed.)

Frogger wanted an anise-flavored tea, while I ordered a roobios tea for myself. While ordering it, I asked the guy behind the counter if he had any "baked" goods. He pointed to some containers behind him.

"We have the Space Cakes," he said.

"I'll try one," I said.

It had an "earthy" taste to it, but was very good... But other than waking up tired today, I felt nothing eating it. "No high."


Stacie Jean said...

My girlfriends ate a whole one each.....and we had to put them to bed before dinner. Good choices! Your trip looks like so much fun!

Britt said...

Honestly Missus I can't believe you ate the whole cake and didn't feel anything. My friend was going absolutely insane after one which she spaced out over an evening. I was putting mascara on her eyes and she looked in the mirror and thought her eyes looked massive. Then we had chocolate cake and she swears it was the best feeling she's ever had. They always say space cake is so strong. Thats crazy!!!

The Missus said...

LOL! Well, I did ask the counter-guy how strong they were, as I had "not smoked weed before." He assured me it was harmless.

In fact, he said that most people eat them AFTER they have smoked some weed... As the amount in the muffin slightly continues the buzz for the person.

Yummy Mummy said...

Sounds like next time you should have 2!!! Glad you are having a good time!!! Keep the pic coming!