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Stella, Not So Stellar.

When I first tried Stella two years ago, I loved it. It was never crowded. The food was good. And it was close to our apartment here in the South End.

Now, I really can't stand it.

My husband and I headed over there last night for dinner. The past few times we have gone, we've adjusted our normal dining time to be later for Stella. This is because the place is swarming with suburbanites who flock to the city on weekend night. They are usually loud, and obnoxious. They cackle and drink too much. They dress in khakis and twinsets.

It's everything I hope to never, ever become. And if I do, I will take dolls till I die. (An exaggeration, yes... Seeing as I can't swallow pills.)

So, Stella sucks to eat at, even at 8pm on a Saturday night. I could just suck it up and say, "We'll just eat there on the weeknights. That way, we can avoid the crowd."

I could say that. But it still doesn't fix the fact that the menu at Stella has gone to complete crap. As has the service.

I don't know what it is, but the menu at Stella is very boring. They are known for the Bolgonese; which is pretty much the only thing I used to get there. But it has pork in it. And veal. And now, that item is off my list of things to eat. However, this leaves very little inspiring cuisine to choose from on the menu. At least in terms of vegetarian-friendly food.

And the service there lately... Well, it would be bitchy of me to call the hostesses "lazy." But since when did that ever stop me from saying what I think?


It took us 10 minutes to get sat in the restaurant, and that was with over 20 tables between the two rooms being completely open.

Bottom line, if you have to go there... Go for brunch or drinks. Don't go for dinner. And for the love of Tay Zonday, don't go there on Saturday nights.