Alexander McQueen Riding Boots.

Moving to Canada has certainly curtailed my shopping desires.

Sure, there are FABULOUS stores here in Toronto. It is, in fact, a much better shopping city than Boston. (Except for when it comes to jeans.) But I am much more selective about what I buy now. Much, much more selective.

This is because of the following:
  • The sales tax on each item I buy here in Toronto is 13%. We have a 5% tax in Canada and the province of Ontario (where I live) has an additional 8% tax. It makes shopping much more expensive, especially when you buy high ticket items. (Want to spend $1000 on boots? It's $130 in taxes on top of that.)
  • I am not working and don't need fancy clothes and shoes. (Though that will be changing towards the end of August. But more on that later.)
  • I don't have a Canadian credit card. And I have a limit on how much I am allowed to spend on my debit card each day.
So shopping in Canada is unattractive. And trying to shop the Internet in Canada is even more unattractive...

See, I spotted these fabulous Alexander McQueen Leather Riding boots yesterday on Net-A-Porter.

Fabulous, right? The skull on the zipper... The "swoop" of the zipper across the top pf the foot... The not-too-high heel... They are divine. And expensive... $1300 expensive.

But... When I pretended that I had the cash to buy them, and put them in my cart to see what it would cost to have them shipped up here to Canada, I got a shock... The cost skyrockets to over $1500.

Taxes and duties make it more expensive. Much more expensive. And, I need to point out, that this price isn't in Canadian dollars... It is in U.S. dollars. In Canadian currency, the total cost would be $1658.

I will keep "living the dream" for these boots. But there is no way in hell I will buy them.

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Yummy Mummy said...

Ohhhhh that hurts. Well, when you do find something you truly can't live without, you know you have plenty of friends in the US who are more than willing to ship to you!