Alexander McQueen Riding Boots.

Moving to Canada has certainly curtailed my shopping desires.

Sure, there are FABULOUS stores here in Toronto. It is, in fact, a much better shopping city than Boston. (Except for when it comes to jeans.) But I am much more selective about what I buy now. Much, much more selective.

This is because of the following:
  • The sales tax on each item I buy here in Toronto is 13%. We have a 5% tax in Canada and the province of Ontario (where I live) has an additional 8% tax. It makes shopping much more expensive, especially when you buy high ticket items. (Want to spend $1000 on boots? It's $130 in taxes on top of that.)
  • I am not working and don't need fancy clothes and shoes. (Though that will be changing towards the end of August. But more on that later.)
  • I don't have a Canadian credit card. And I have a limit on how much I am allowed to spend on my debit card each day.
So shopping in Canada is unattractive. And trying to shop the Internet in Canada is even more unattractive...

See, I spotted these fabulous Alexander McQueen Leather Riding boots yesterday on Net-A-Porter.

Fabulous, right? The skull on the zipper... The "swoop" of the zipper across the top pf the foot... The not-too-high heel... They are divine. And expensive... $1300 expensive.

But... When I pretended that I had the cash to buy them, and put them in my cart to see what it would cost to have them shipped up here to Canada, I got a shock... The cost skyrockets to over $1500.

Taxes and duties make it more expensive. Much more expensive. And, I need to point out, that this price isn't in Canadian dollars... It is in U.S. dollars. In Canadian currency, the total cost would be $1658.

I will keep "living the dream" for these boots. But there is no way in hell I will buy them.

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