Vegas, Anyone?

Well... The rumor turned out to be true.

I heard a few weeks back that Bikram was maybe going to move the Fall session of Teacher Training from Palm Springs to Las Vegas. And if he did, this would mean that the dates for Fall Teacher Training may be changed again.

Originally, we were set to go to training from early September through early November. That would have been difficult for me... As I am moving into a new place in early August, and then would be taking off for two months without really getting settled. But then, from my understanding, the hotel in Palm Springs changed the dates for Teacher Training... And it was pushed back to start six weeks later. Mid-October through Mid-December.

This worked well for me. It would give me more time to settle into my new place and commit to some things in early October that I wasn't able to before with the old dates.

Well, now the dates for Teacher Training have changed again... Along with the location. And these dates do not work for me. Training now begins October 4th and runs through early November.

As much fun as it would be to go to Vegas for 9 weeks, it is looking like I will 99% NOT be going to Teacher Training this Fall.

(Pause for "boos".)

It's not just that I can't un-commit myself from the stuff in early October. I also am having a problem with financing. With the new house we bought (yes... I know... I haven't written about the house... But I was waiting till we got closer to the closing date!), a few unexpected expenses have come up. And the money I had saved for Teacher Training is needed for these expenses.

So, in order to go to Teacher Training, I would have to put it on my American Express card.

And even though I would LOVE collecting all the SkyMiles points on the $10k+ it would cost me for Teacher Training... I can NOT reason with myself paying an 18% interest rate on that amount.

I flat-out refuse to use a credit card to pay for training. I used a credit card to finance my move to NYC 10 years ago... And it took me five years to pay that off. I will not do it again.

So... Since the dates don't work and it is looking like I won't have the cash to pay for training, I am taking this as a sign that this is not the time to be going.

I will now be working hard to raise the cash for Spring training, and hoping that the wedding I am in next June will not conflict with the dates for then. Otherwise... Fall 2010 training it is!!!!


Bex said...

When the stars align, you will go, I have no doubt about that. Better to go when you are 100% ready, comfortable and settled on going than when you are trying to squeeze it in.

(and I can't *WAIT* to see/hear about the new digs! :)

thedancingj said...

BOOOOOO! That is super disappointing for you. I'm sorry!

When I saw the Vegas news this morning, my first reaction was pretty much, "Well, this is the first time I've felt GOOD about not being able to go to training this year." Vegas = DO NOT WANT. At the rate Bikram's been going through locations, TT will be somewhere totally different by the time I get there.

There is still a chance that we will go together! Hooray!!

Bummer, though. I know how much it SUCKS to get all amped up about going and then have to tell everyone, "yeeeea.... nevermind." :-/

Yummy Mummy said...

The house will totally be worth it! I was shocked at how many unexpected costs come up when you are buying. Seriously, it's crazy!

Teacher training will always be there, it's better to go when you have nothing on your plate that would cause you any stress. That way you just relax, focus, and get your money's worth!

Being an adult sucks, but it sounds like you are making the responsible choice!

bikramyogachick said...

wow! lots of news....My thoughts are with you....spring training it is! I will think positive for you. I live in Vegas! I had no idea he was moving the training here. Wow. Of course I've just had my appendix out and have been out of the loop for one week with yoga....
good luck!

The Missus said...

Dancing J: EXACTLY! I was totally amped for it. But I was looking forward to getting to Palm Springs and have the details all ironed out - not be a guinea pig.

Yummy Mummy: YES! Closing costs... Lad-transfer fees... Lawyer fees... Furniture... Ahh!

Bikram Yoga Chick: OHH! I hope you are re-cooping okay.

Duffy Pratt said...

For what it's worth, the kinks came in Mexico during the second teacher training. They had not anticipated the enormous humidity in the rainy season. At the rate Bikrams going, he's going to start switching locations mid-training pretty soon. So I wouldn't anticipate going to any place expecting it to be settled.

It's too bad you are not going. It sounded like you were pretty excited about the whole thing. And on a selfish not, I was looking forward to reading about your experiences. But that can wait.

Good luck with your new house.