Bikram Yoga Challenge: 31/60.

I am officially over the hump. Boo-yah! Only 29 days left. Yippee!

And yes, my energy has returned. Like you wouldn't believe.

Class was awesome today. And I had so much energy before the class that I got "Shh!"-ed by someone because another yogi and I were chatting in the room.


My goal for the second half of the challenge is to "86" my water drinking in class. Well, maybe not all of it. Just most of it. The Bloor Street studio is just so humid that it is difficult to not want to gulp water down, thus causing me horrible acid reflux in the tummy postures on the floor.

So it will be my goal to get well hydrated before class. No water during class.



Jen said...

Hi Missus,

I've been following your blog for awhile. Very inspiring! The acid reflux a la ashlee simpson has been hitting me too, especially during spine strengthening. The studio director here told us we would find out if we ate too soon before class during wind releasing, and that could be the cause of the acid as well. I had to nix my lemon and honey drink because of the same problem.

Duffy Pratt said...

If you do hydrate properly beforehand, I'm willing to bet you will be pleasantly surprised by not drinking water. I've done it off and on for quite a while. Generally, the less water I drink, the more alert and the more energy I have towards the end of class.

I don't know how cold the water you drink is. Room temperature water (yeah, even 105 degrees or more) tends to sit better in the stomach. It also makes it easier to avoid using the water as a crutch. There just isn't the same delicious pleasure in swallowing some lukewarm water...