Summer Nail Polish Trends.

Depending on what part of North America you live in, it may or may not feel like summertime.

Here in Toronto, it's been mild, but very sunny. In Boston, Mother Nature hates that I left... And has been weeping since. In Arizona and California, God has been helping everyone with natural detoxification by keeping it steam-room hot. I've heard it's been unseasonably warm and sunny in Seattle as well.

So since Summer is here (except for you Boston), it is most definitely time to think about pedicures and fashionable colors. Gray, silver and inky purple were all big hits for late Winter into Spring. But now, it's time to energize the colors on our feet!

Here is what I am currently going with on my toes...

I have no idea what the color is called. I went to Holt Renfrew's spa last week in dire need of a pedicure. I wanted a color close to my natural toe nail color. I picked out a light pinkish peach Essie color.

And apparently, I am not the only one loving light colors this season. Rachel Zoe is loving them too. But, OPI is wants you to consider some bright colors (fuchsia, hot pinks, oranges and chakra blues) from their India collection. The younger set, according to Harper's Bazaar, are rocking out with the 1980s day-glo colors of yellow, bright purple and a shocking blue.

So what colors are peeking out of your Gladiator sandals this Summer? Do tell!