Bikram Yoga Challenge: 59/60

I have nothing to write about today's class. Other than it was tough in the front-side compressions and spine-strengthening poses.

I connected with one of the studio directors last week about why I seem to have developed these problems (nausea and tough breathing) at the end of my 60-day challenge. She told me that as you do this yoga, it stirs things up in your body.

"The only way to get rid of it is to continue to power through it," she said.

Another odd thing that I have noticed lately is the amount of sweating I am doing in class. I sweat buckets now. Never had quite this much sweat in class. But it drips from my mat when I roll it up at the end of the session. And there is a pool on the ground where my mat was... Also, I sweat so much that there now appears to be a soapy foam on my towel and mat, along with the sweat.

I don't think my washing machine is getting all the soap out of my towel when I wash it each night... And when the sweat gets going in class, I see smears of bubbly foam forming.

Does anyone else have this problem?


Anyway... Tomorrow is DAY 60! YAY! I will be doing a re-cap of what has changed for me in the 60-day challenge.


thedancingj said...

Yeah. That is how I sweat too. I think it is good. Though if there is a puddle UNDER your mat... maybe you need a different mat. Since the point of the mat is to protect the carpet.

It does sound like you have detergent left in your towel. Don't use too much detergent - more is not better. I thought that way ("my shit is gross, I gotta use tons of soap!!") until the time I accidentally used too much of this weird "time-release scent" detergent on my clothes, which naturally released ALL of whatever chemical was in it as soon as I started sweating and gave me this red burning rash everywhere that my clothes touched my body. THAT was fun! Now I used unscented detergent, very sparingly.

The Missus said...

LOL! There is a puddle under my at because none of the studios in Toronto have carpet in them. SHHH!!!!!

thedancingj said...


Duffy Pratt said...

Too much soap or detergent can be really bad for the skin and the eyes.

Without carpet, do they have you turn to the side on your mat in the separate leg series? Or do they see if you can not slip on the hardwood floor? The latter would be really tough, I think.

Also, are you using a thicker mat? In a studio without carpet, i would be tempted to lug around my rubber Manduka, which might weigh close to 10 pounds. I don't want to think about doing Japanese sitting position with my thin mat on a a hardwood floor. Ouch.

The Missus said...

Yep, we turn on our mats. I think I am gonna start washing my clothes in just vinegar. The wood floor is actually pretty comfortable with my basic yoga mat. If I was doing the advanced poses, I would have to double-up with the mats.

Mei said...

I certainly hate the smell of someone's funk travelling up the nostrils, but it's a sign that you gotta use less detergent when someone walks up to you and goes "Saaaayyy, *sniff sniff*, is that Brand X you're using?!". THAT and foaming towels,eeks!

I had difficulty breathing halfway through my challenge, apparently because your ribcage is expanding and your lung capacity increasing. "Problem" went away after 2 weeks, but still kinda freaky when you find that you can't breathe, and the WHOLE point of yoga is BREATHING! *forehead palm

Jason A. Smith said...

Congratulations on being so close to 60! I've always sweat like this in class! I usually sweat through my towel and mat with my towels feeling like the came out of the wash after class.

I actually like it. Makes me feel like I've accomplished something!

hannahjustbreathe said...

Day 59....wahoooooo! That's so awesome. I can't wait to read your recap of the full 60 days.

Kim said...

I've had issues with excess detergent ever since we bought a front-loading (HE) washer. I've found that I only need to use about half of the suggested amount of HE detergent. I am sensitive to smelly detergent, too, and have better luck with "natural" brands. I use (and love) ECOS. It's sold in Toronto

If you're washing every day, I would probably skip the soap at least every other day. A good rinsing should do in between, and your clothes will last much longer.

bikramyogachick said...

You are almost done your challenge! Yippee!
I have been practicing for a little over two years and have found that I sweat BUCKETS compared to when I first started. Now I walk into the room and when we start the first breathing my body is like, "oh, I know where we are" and starts dripping. By eagle, depending on the humidity that day in the room I am usually already dripping onto my knee in that posture. sheesh. The bad thing is once you start to sweat like that it doesn't seem to let up! I suppose our pores are just open and clean! :)
Can't wait to read your wrap up post for the challenge!