Bikram Yoga Challenge: 59/60

I have nothing to write about today's class. Other than it was tough in the front-side compressions and spine-strengthening poses.

I connected with one of the studio directors last week about why I seem to have developed these problems (nausea and tough breathing) at the end of my 60-day challenge. She told me that as you do this yoga, it stirs things up in your body.

"The only way to get rid of it is to continue to power through it," she said.

Another odd thing that I have noticed lately is the amount of sweating I am doing in class. I sweat buckets now. Never had quite this much sweat in class. But it drips from my mat when I roll it up at the end of the session. And there is a pool on the ground where my mat was... Also, I sweat so much that there now appears to be a soapy foam on my towel and mat, along with the sweat.

I don't think my washing machine is getting all the soap out of my towel when I wash it each night... And when the sweat gets going in class, I see smears of bubbly foam forming.

Does anyone else have this problem?


Anyway... Tomorrow is DAY 60! YAY! I will be doing a re-cap of what has changed for me in the 60-day challenge.