Myers & Chang: It Rocks!

Even though it just opened a few weeks ago, The Husband and I decided to go and check out the new Asian cheap eats diner here in the South End, Myers & Chang.

After the disappointment that was Gaslight during it's opening few weeks, we decided to take a recommendation from one of our friends and not try a new place till a few months in, after all the kinks will have worked themselves out.

However, last night we decided to throw caution to the wind and head over to Washington and East Berkeley Street to Myers & Chang. And it was not disappointing.

Definitely a diner, it's comfy and casual. I really dug the red dragon painted along the windows... And, other than a really kick ass juke box I came across at a little dive bar in the East Village of Manhattan called "Blue & Gold," Myers & Chang had the most amazing sounds playing during dinner. It was rock music. And it kicked ass.

The of course, there's the food. It's Asian-themed. So you have your typical fried rice, noodles, spring rolls, etc... We tried a few dishes; including spare ribs, spring rolls, the Nirvana Chicken and the Chef's Fried Rice.

The only thing we remotely did not like was the fried rice. It was kinda boring. And the mushrooms in it tasted rubbery. But the rest of the food was excellent.

I definitely recommend checking it out. The food rocked. The music rocked. And the prices rocked. (It's diner food, after all.)

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