I Love iPod Touch!

My last post was done via my new iPod Touch, which I went and picked up this evening (along with some Taco Bell) from the Cambridgeside Galleria.

Here's a picture of me approving a comment left by Legally Brunette just a little while ago!

This thing is so cool. I just can't say enough cool things about it. And I happen to LOVE that it does NOT have a phone. Why? Well, because I prefer email. I never use my phone. (In fact, I can't seem to locate my phone right now. I think I left it at work.)


Jake said...

Congrats on the iPod Touch! For jailbreaking (hacking) and more tutorials for the iPod Touch, visit http://www.freeappleipodtouch.com .

unsolicited said...

Congrats on the iPod thing. How wexpensive is the wireless connection?

Also, curious about the presidnet/economy poll: I didn't know presidents 'handled' the economy. I'm sure someone will correct me, but I thought the Fed (supposed to be independent) gave the economy some nudges and guidance, but controlling the economy is like controlling mother nature. We can nudge it and maybe try to protect it, but not control it.

Just an unsolicited 2 cents.

The Missus said...

So far, the wireless costs nothing because I am connecting to the Internet via my home network. It's awesome. As for the president and economy question... You're right that "the Fed" controls it... But, it takes legislation and tax adjustments and balancing of the budget to help ease burdens on American citizens. The Fed is only one part... There are many components... Which is part of the beauty of the American government and how it is set up. The President is a key component because they lead the country. If things are shit in the economy, it's the President who has to answer most greatly to citizens.

Legally Brunette said...

I love it! I did not realize the iTouch does not require a data plan, so I must look into this!

Can the iTouch pick up unsecure wifi signals anywhere?