Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day is in two days. The Husband and I decided to just go out to dinner this year... No gifts. (Though, he is gifting me with a trip to Tuscany in June. But that's V-Day, B-day and Anniversary all rolled into one.)

For dinner this year, we have decided to go to a place we have only been once before and loved - Pigalle. (Probably the best meal I have had in Boston ever.)

However, we are not going on Valentine's Day. No, no, no.... For people who actually like savoring their food (a "foodie," as my co-worker said), you know the cardinal rule of not going out to a super nice restaurant on Valentine's Day in Boston.

Why? Well, because you will get ripped off.

Prices can be way out of control at local places. And, they make you order off a prix fixed menu.... Which just ain't cool.

If you're going to spend an ass-load on a meal at a high-end restaurant, you should be able to order whatever you damn well please on the menu. Plus, many restaurants will make you put a credit card down for the reservation on a holiday like Valentine's.

So my suggestion? Wait till Friday or Saturday night this week to go out. The meal will be better... And the reservation will be a little easier to get.

I can't wait to hit Pigalle again. I hope it is as good as it was last time.


Kate said...

I've been there twice with my sister. The first time was fantastic; the second time was okay. It's good stuff, though.

If you ever feel like having an extra-long, leisurely dinner, not tipping and "accidentally" spilling your drink into the crotch of your waiter, making a telltale stain, I highly recommend Union.

The Missus said...


I've heard mixed reviews about Union. I've been there once, and thought the service was good, but the food was not. but I have friends who LOVE it, and friends who passionately stay away.

Anna said...


I too have only been once, but it was amazing. I need to make plans to go back too!

Legally Brunette said...

Hear hear! I was disappointed to learn that, after having made reservations with a new steakhouse we have been waiting to try, only a prix fixe menu would be offered on V-day. Don't restaurants know it's way more romantic to order different entrees and share? We will be staying in on Thursday and having an entirely homemade meal, including filet mignon which, I must say, the husband does an excellent job of grilling. Since we cook very rarely, I am looking forward to it even more than before.

Vanessa said...

Agreed! Or if not going out with a date on Valentines Day, why not go to a party celebrating International QuirkyAlone Day? You can find the list at