Starbucks: THE Place To Meet People?

I decided to pop into Starbucks this morning for a DECAF cappuccino. Last night, all Starbucks were closed from 5:30pm to 8:30pm for training. So I wanted to stop in today and see if there were any changes. There were.

I got my cappuccino about five minutes after I ordered it. And this is much better than yesterday... Because I waited around for 10 minutes yesterday. But while standing in line, there was a woman and man (not a couple) having a discussion...

"My new book is actually going to be about how Starbucks is the only place to meet new people," said the woman.

"Do people meet new people in Starbucks?" asked the guy. "What about bars?"

"No one meets in bars," said the woman, confidentially and arrogantly. "When you go to a bar, all you do is talk to your friends that you are there with."

"I met Allison at a bar," said the guy. (I don't know who Allison is.. But it's obviously someone he met at a bar and is still with.)

"Yeah," said the woman. "But that was 'back in the day.'"

I don't think I've ever met new friends at Starbucks. When I go there, I'm in and out as quickly as possible. And at the Starbucks in the South End, it's damn near impossible to get a table most of the time. So I don't agree with the woman that Starbucks is the "only place" to meet good people.

And another thing... I met my husband at a bar. It was January 2001. I was drunk from being at another bar. And about two years later we were engaged. And another year and a half after that, we were married. And now, we've been married nearly four years. And the only thing we fight about (ever, really) is that he sometimes chews too loudly for me.

So I do think bars can be a good place to meet new people. But it just depends on what kind of a bar you are at. And sure, Starbucks can probably be a good place to meet people too... I mean, The Husband and I did have our first date at a Starbucks.

I still think that woman writing the book is a bit of a bitch though.