Latin Grooviness.

My fitness goals lately include burning at least 1000 on three days during the week. Today was one of those days.

I had my usual Tuesday morning training session. Then I had a Pilates session after work. I followed that up right after with a Latin Groove dance class. And it was in that class where I burned half of my calories (500) for today. Woohoo!

I was describing the Latin Groove class to someone recently. They mentioned they would be hesitant to try a class like that because they are not as "coordinated." Well, when it comes to a dance class, neither am I people. But Latin Groove is different.

If you're new to the class, you easily get intimidated by the few who seem to anticipate the instructor's every dance combination before she even demos it. That's because they have been coming faithfully every week for MONTHS. They too were once less "fancy" with their dance moves. But the instructor repeats combos every week. So eventually, you find yourself becoming more coordinated.

And that was me tonight. I was still a little forgetful with some combinations... But I could feel my old cheerleading skill of "KEEP THE EIGHT-COUNT!" coming back to me while dancing. And it made it way easier to do the whole routine. And when you're able to do the full routine while giving 100% (instead of bumbling around lost), you burn more calories.

One chick couldn't handle the class though... Which was such a shame, because she was doing well. She seemed to just give up about a third of the way into the class.

I never leave a class. Even if my ass is getting kicked and I can't move, I will just stand there and wait till I can move again. And I won't leave the room. I can't give in.

It's a kick ass class. And a lot of fun!

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