Three Ladies From Three "Ends."

Those "ends" being: The North End, The South End and the end of Back Bay at Comm Ave. and Mass Ave.

I met up with two friends tonight at Barlola in Back Bay. It was a charmed little circle for a few hours. Three ladies chatting about work-related issues. It was a good time to de-brief and chat... Most "girls nights" are.

More importantly... The "Three Ladies from Three Ends" night gave The Husband the opportunity to stay in and clean the house while I was out. And for once, he actually accomplished getting the list completed that I gave him.

See, each week I give The Husband a list of chores he needs to do... Like "buy a new garbage can for the back porch" or "sweep and mop the floors in the kitchen and living room." And each week, only part of the chore gets done... I get excuses like...

"Well honey, I tried to purchase a garbage can, but the selection at hardware store wasn't very good. It'll be better in the Springtime." Or... "Oh! You wanted me to mop the floors in addition to sweeping them? I just thought you wanted them swept, see... And then I vaccummed them on top of that. So they're really clean."

Well, hallelujah! Tonight there was a miracle. The Husband got done not only with my list of chores... He also did a few extra ones on top of that. And was I surprised!

In fact... I totally wasn't expecting him to get any of it done. As soon as I walked through the door tonight I said the following to him:
  • "How'd that sweeping if the apartment go tonight?"
  • "Did you get done washing the dishes in the sink?"
  • "And don't forget, you have to empty the dishwasher."
Well, apparently all of this was done. This and more.

If he's going to be this productive when I have a "girls night," then I am going to go out more often.

Hear! Hear!