POWERful Facial.

I've been getting facials regularly (meaning every six weeks) for about four years. I initially started getting them in order to prepare my skin for my wedding day. I continued to get them just because I liked them so much and found a budget for them.

About two months ago, I did an aggressive series of facials at Exhale... I went once a week for six weeks in a row. I did it to combat some skin problems I developed while on a special drug (which I vow to never take ever again, as I'm not really interested in it right now). My skin suffered so badly that I NEEDED weekly facials. And it's now getting much better, now that the drug has had a few months to work their way out of my system. So now, I really seem to just need a good facial once a month. And my choice for facials is a Power Facial at Exhale.

The Power Facial is a very intense facial. Unlike other facials, which mostly strive to relax you, the Power Facial looks to kick your skin's ass (I mean metaphorically speaking - I'm not a "butthead"). Though, it is quite relaxing for the most part.

It starts like all other facials... The skin gets a gentle cleanser. Then comes the ultra sound exfoliation. The ultra sound helps sebum pop right out your pores. (Eww! But it's cool!) Also, the ultra sound helps ease discoloration in the skin.

After the ultra sound comes an enzyme peel. When I was doing my weekly treatments, a 16% active solution was being used. My facialist (the wonderful Galina) would always ask, "Can you feel it tingling?" I couldn't. But it was definitely doing its job. Now that I am going just once a month, we have jumped up to a 60% active solution. Funny enough, it only tingles just slightly. (My alabaster-esque skin actually isn't sensitive. It can take a battle.) The peel is meant to also help exfoliate old skin away, paving the path for new skin to be on the surface.

After the peel comes a kick ass facial massage. (The relaxing part of the facial!) Some kind of serum is massaged into your face and neck for about 10 minutes. (It's divine!) This prepares you and your skin for what's to come next...


In a regular facial (the relaxing kind), extraction isn't that bad. It's mostly just catching the superficial stuff on the skin's surface. With a Power Facial, it goes deep. And it goes for like five minutes straight! I would swear Galina has super-vision that allows her to see deep into my skin, as she seems to find stuff to extract from every section of my skin.

Once the extraction is finally done, the cool laser is used. The cool laser zaps your skin's collagen production in gear... And helps clear up cystic acne and discoloration.

The only part of the Power Facial that is really uncomfortable is the extraction. But it's a necessary evil. And I love the clean feeling my skin has after getting one. It's not a cheap facial, but it's worth it. I recommend getting one at least once a quarter, to keep yourself fresh.

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