"BostonNOW" Is Run By Dumbasses.

Now... Seeing as I don't commute much (I walk to work), I don't have the DIS-pleasure of getting stuck reading the shit-tastic paper that is BostonNOW. Sure, I get harassed by their paper hawkers all the time here in downtown Boston. (Everyone does.) But I never really pay attention to what it says on the front page of their paper, as it isn't real news anyway usually.

However, today is a different story.

I learned this afternoon that the shitty-assed commuting newspaper, BostonNOW, is run by morons. Why did I reach this conclusion? Here's a snap shot of a piece of their front page, where they promo the "jump-to" stories on the inside...

When you first look at the piece circled in red, you might think there's going to be an article n the best place to buy jeans in Boston, Jean Therapy. BUT, when you read underneath the headline, you see that it's an article for that North End jean spot In.Jean.Ius. (Which, in my opinion, ain't a great place to buy jeans.)

Obviously, BostonNOW editors are slacking on their jobs. If they had properly copy-checked their front page headlines, they would know that Jean Therapy is a different store than In.Jean.Ius.

Though, I think their mistake could benefit my beloved Jean Therapy. I mean, because what people will remember from the headline is "jean therapy." And then they will go to Google and search "Jean Therapy Boston." And then they will discover the Kenmore Square store.

So who should be really pissed is that chick who owns In.Jean.Ius. People are probably reading the article and thinking it's Jean Therapy. She should think about firing her PR people.

BostonNOW will never be very "now"... Or "accurate" it seems.