'Where Do You Go for..."

Thanks to a reader (OH you know who you are!) who wrote in wanting to know what places I hit in the South End for a few essentials. (I LOVE getting questions like this!)

OH dear reader (and anyone else who is interested to know), here are the answers to your questions...

  • Pizza: I adore Pizza Pie-er. I have them programmed into my cell phone.
  • Dry Cleaning: We drop ours off across the street at Sarni's. They've always done a good job for us.
  • Mani/Pedi: I don't do manicures. I just know that if I spend time putting polish on my fingers, it's gonna rub right off because I use my hands so much. For pedicures though, I get them done professionally once or twice a quarter. I got to Exhale Spa and get the Fusion Pedicure Plus. I can get the polish to last about a month. Then I change the polish myself every two weeks.
  • First for Quick Non-Pizza Take Out: You can't go wrong with B. Good. I know, it's really more in the Back Bay... But it's such a quick walk. I also like Nicole's, which is down the street. It has pizza and sandwiches.
  • Chinese: I actually don't do Chinese food. I do crave sushi (Japanese) quite a bit. And The Husband and I hit Douzo for that.
  • Local Shoe Repair: The best place to get your shoes repaired is in the Prudential Center. It's a little spot in the Pru, called Trantafillidis Shoe Shine and Repair, under the escalators that go below-ground by the Sky Walk entrance. The guy who runs the place is only there during business hours though, Monday through Friday. But he's quick and cheap. And you can trust him to properly fix a pair of Manolos or Jimmy Choos.

Hope that helps!


o said...

Ohhh I can't believe I got a whole post dedicated to my questions, I feel honored!

I am psyched for the shoe repair recommendation I have a bag of cobblestone casualties sitting in my closet!

Another decent take out on the Nicole's level is Emilio's we refer to them as the "nice guys".

As I mentioned I don't "do" Chinese either, maybe Thai every great while to appease the boy...and they have brown rice. But I bounce around on where we order.

Thanks again on the rspv...I am sure I will comment again soon.

Kate said...

Good stuff, good stuff, good stuff!

I can't wait to move downtown this summer. We're working with a few college brokers and some of them have some spots in Bay Village, which would be closer to Emerson for my sister, but would only be a stroll from the best of the South End!

The Missus said...

Kate, I consider Bay Village to still be "part of the South End." It's a great area. And you'd be close to 28 degrees and MASA. Those are two of my favorite spots.