Getting A Redesign!

Great news! (Well, at least I am excited about it!)

I've decided to give On Common Ground a "make-over". I've only just signed an agreement with a company to have them work on it. But In the next few months you'll see a new look over here.

I've been using this same Blogger layout for over two years now. It's time to update things and personalize it a lot more. Make it more sophisticated. Ya know?

I'll write more about the redesign when I have details. But this should be exciting.


Jenn said...

Blog makeovers are fun. I wish I knew something about web design so I could do it myself!

I'm looking forward to seeing the new "you!"

Nikki said...

Hi missus, I am looking for a web design company to do a website for me. Do you mind sharing the company you are using? I would really love a recommendation as there are sooo many designers out there to try and weed through. Thanks!

The Missus said...

No problem Nikki! I am using Delicious Design Studios to makeover my blog.

I believe they also websites too.