Manolos For Men?


Now, I love me some Manolos. I only own a few pairs. And I don't wear them often. (They're really special occasion shoes.) I think they're great shoes. And every gal should have a pair for herself!

But when it comes to men??? No.

Apparently, Manolo Blahnik will be selling men's shoes beginning in February. But so far, I am NOT loving the styles.

Open-toed dress shoes? Leopard-print sandals? I can't see many guys wearing them. Thoughts?

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hello, my name is danny. said...

um, maybe the leopard print sandals. it's easier to wear fun and funky during the summer, especially in miami where we spend a lot of vacation time.

anyway, i have a huge, like h-u-g-a-n-t-i-c, like i'm-the-male-imelda-marcos huge, shoe collection, but i don't see the other two styles making their way on to my shelves.

as gay as i am, those are just too gay for my tastes.

maybe jimmy choo should try their hand at men shoes too. a fashionista needs options, n'est-ce pas?