"Today I Recommend..."

You gotta love it when the baristas at Starbucks have a sense of humor...

Before catching an early afternoon showing of Sweeney Todd, I stopped in at the Starbucks near the theater. After I ordered my lovely espresso drink, I noticed the sign that displays the barista's recommended drink for the day. But instead of a drink, today the barista (Paulo) was recommending...

Paulo's got an apartment to sublet!

I wanted to call for him and get the details on the apartment... But it was nearly time for my film to start. Plus, I'm not currently looking for an apartment.


Anonymous said...

I am a professional and love the convenience of this bag. I don't need the opinions of others to influence my purchase. In fact, who cares what others think as long as it works for you. Who elected them as the fashion police. Get a life.

The Missus said...

Ummm.. Yeah... Think you meant to comment on the Buxton Bag entry I did.

And to respond to you comment I have this:

You're right. No one elected anyone specific the fashion police. And it's good to hear that you don't let anyone influence you opinion or what you buy.

However, the "get a life" comment... I can't let that one slide.

I imagine you to be a matronly cow who likes to make herself feel empowered by leaving anonymous comments on blogs. You get in and get out with a snarky comment, without ever revealing who you are. The only trace of you is your comment.

But I imagine that, because of your final comment, that you do actually care what others think. If you had simply said that you liked the bag and found it useful, and "who cares what others think?"... Then I would believe you.

But the "get a life" comment? Um,, no dear cow, you're the one who needs to get a life.

The Missus