Ugliest Bag Ever: Buxton Bag.

I've seen some ugly bags in my time... Prior to today, the worst one I had seen (in my opinion) was the Fendi "B" bag. But while flipping through TV channels a few moments ago, I came across a bag that I find even more offensive than the "B" bag.

May I introduce you to the Buxton Bag?

Talk about atrocious! Have you seen anything uglier in your time?

I mean, sure, it holds a lot of stuff... But this bag is not flattering in any way, shape or form against your way, shape or form.

First off, the shoulder strap... It's too wide. But I guess that's because the bag is meant to be worn across your body, like a messenger bag.

Then, the "genuine" leather looks creepy. It has a feel of "plastic," by the looks of the picture above.

Then, what's up with all the zippers and pockets? Well, actually, I get why there are so many of those. It's a bag for those that want to be "super organized." But this is just ridiculous.

They shouldn't bother trying to pitch this bag as a way to "organize in fashion." Because it is NOT a fashionable bag. It's an ergonomic (and ugly) nightmare.

Since so many people have left comments asking what I think would be a more ideal bag solution for those wanting to stay organized and fahsionable... I have a bag that I would recommend, and you can read about it here: The Butler Bag.