Set it Up: Feng Shui Money Corner.

Ever worry about money? If you don't, what the hell is wrong with you?

Kidding. Of course.

I wouldn't say that I "worry" about money. It's more that I think about it each day. Specifically when I wake up in the morning to see The Husband leave to work. I left the nine-to-five world five months ago... And in order to keep myself sane about not being a significant contributor to our monthly income (as I was before), I have turned to an ancient chinese system for advice.

I have created a "money corner" in our residence.

In Feng Shui, a "money corner" (also known as "prosperity corner") is the back left corner of any room in your house. You find it by standing in the entrance of that room, looking into it. The far left corner is the area you want to set up to attract money and prosperity.

Feng Shui Recommendations:
  • Keep the corner tidy. Untidy corner means untidy finances.
  • Put a live plant in the corner that GROWS UPWARD. Like bamboo. You want upward-growing energy in this area. Make sure to take special care of the plant.
  • Add coins to this corner. As you can see above, I neatly stacked some loose change around my bamboo plant. I am manifesting the idea of "having an abundance" in this area.
  • Put something purple or green in the area. These are colors of "wealth."
This all may seem silly... But I believe in the law of attraction. And this "money corner" idea has worked for me for the past three years. Even when we were in Boston. It works.

In fact, it's working for me today. :) It's making me feel completely at ease with not having a conventional job right now.