Set it Up: Feng Shui Money Corner.

Ever worry about money? If you don't, what the hell is wrong with you?

Kidding. Of course.

I wouldn't say that I "worry" about money. It's more that I think about it each day. Specifically when I wake up in the morning to see The Husband leave to work. I left the nine-to-five world five months ago... And in order to keep myself sane about not being a significant contributor to our monthly income (as I was before), I have turned to an ancient chinese system for advice.

I have created a "money corner" in our residence.

In Feng Shui, a "money corner" (also known as "prosperity corner") is the back left corner of any room in your house. You find it by standing in the entrance of that room, looking into it. The far left corner is the area you want to set up to attract money and prosperity.

Feng Shui Recommendations:
  • Keep the corner tidy. Untidy corner means untidy finances.
  • Put a live plant in the corner that GROWS UPWARD. Like bamboo. You want upward-growing energy in this area. Make sure to take special care of the plant.
  • Add coins to this corner. As you can see above, I neatly stacked some loose change around my bamboo plant. I am manifesting the idea of "having an abundance" in this area.
  • Put something purple or green in the area. These are colors of "wealth."
This all may seem silly... But I believe in the law of attraction. And this "money corner" idea has worked for me for the past three years. Even when we were in Boston. It works.

In fact, it's working for me today. :) It's making me feel completely at ease with not having a conventional job right now.


Mary said...

I realized that in our new apartment, I occupy the left space in both the bedroom and the office. The left corner of the office is cluttered with some bills and random papers. Immediately cleaning up that mess after reading your post!

Legally Brunette said...

Excellent post. I have just tidied up the money corner of my office (which is ordinarily spotless but has been housing a trial file for the last month) just in time for the end of Q2...and hopefully a Q2 bonus!

The Missus said...


Definitely keep your corners tidy, girls!

I would actually keep any bills you have OUT of that corners. You want the idea of money "flowing in" and not "flowing out" to be central to the corner. Stack the bills someplace else, if you can.

Mary said...

Right as I originally read the post, I immediately looked up, looked at the bills sitting there and then cleared them out! For now, I put a decorative bowl in its place filled with international money I've collected here and there as a replacement. Next purchase will be a little bamboo tree :)

thedancingj said...

Hey, I like this. :)

I was just reading in my yoga book about the importance of organization + cleanliness. (An area where I could DEFINITELY use improvement!)

And yesterday after yoga class, my friend (a teacher) and I laid on our mats for half an hour talking about philosophy and the law of attraction definitely came up. (Oh ABRAHAM!! Soooo wacky, but so great.)

Vanessa said...

Doesn't seem silly to me! I've been into feng shui for at least 15 years now and every time I move I am so particular about what goes into each corner of the room. There have been a few places where I realize too late than I have not made a wise decision and my life reflected that every day I lived there. I have a wonderful space now and become more and more conscious of this each time I move.

Dan said...

Gotta have the money corner.

clairmeiz said...

Ooooh another tip would be having a body of flowing water on the right side of the house [from the main entrance of the house only]. However, be warned, as you'd need to counter it with water on the LEFT side of the house, which is the family unity bit. No point having all that money without family :)

EJ said...

I love this Feng Shui post! May I just suggest to add the element of the wind and let in positive energy by hanging wind chimes or garden spinners in your home. They add color, music, and dynamic visual feature with a touch of whimsy.

Anonymous said...

Both my love corner and money corner are on the sme corner( based on what I m rading on dfferent websies). How can I manage to have them both? can I put both items for love and wealth on the same corner? ow do they interfier eachother?-Thanks